Club Services
Information for the benefit of Guild members both new and old. For further information please contact John Kempson, our secretary.

For Committee Members and Area Co-Ordinators, please click here.

Guild Website

This Website is designed, hosted and maintained by Highwood on behalf of the Ford GRANADA Mk1 & Mk2 Drivers Guild. Web and Email server facilities kindly donated by Martin Ecott. We would like your pictures that you have taken at show's or of your own car so that we put them into our gallery section. For sale or wanted - just send your enquiry to us by Email and we will do the rest for you.

Guild Magazine

John Kempson is the Mag Editor and would like your articles, write ups on any show's you went to over the last year -with piccy's please. And do not forget your car is the star feature. Every Granada has a story to tell so come on and tell us please & send some picture's as well, it make's a great read. If you have anything you want to advertise - all free to members.


Guild T shirts, Polo shirts, Fleeces etc are available from Pinnacle, 01903 215872 or email You can also visit their website For more details see the Mag. We still stock mugs, pens, key rings and window stickers. Contact your area co-ordinators.

Agreed Value Insurance

Camel Boxall is our agreed value insurance officer and is recognized by most classic car insurer's. Many of you have taken the opportunity to have your Granada valued by him and been pleasantly surprised by his valuation so if you have not tried him out yet give him a call. Please note: the valuation is only valid all the time that you are a member of the Guild.


As many of you know we've been on face book now for over 4 year's and has been very successful in bringing people together sharing pictures and experience's, and visitor's at shows joining through face book the guild. Many new friendships have been made reinforcing the Granada as a magnet to the general public and stirring many fond memories that we often hear on the show circuit.


Committee member Jason Davies is now our Spares Co Ordinator. He can be contacted by emailing him here.

Telephone Calls & Leaving a Message

We all know that most of all phone calls to our house phone's are are during the day time and more likley to be somebody from a PPI claim company or other scam. Due to work commitments, for most of the committee are unable to take your call at that time. So if you decide to make a call to us at home & we can't always answer, please leave a message with your name & number so we can act on it. Please don't hang up, it gets our back up, and landline phones don't always display missed calls. If you are ringing a mobile during week days, it can't always be answered so please be patient, but don't give up.