The Ford Granada Mk1 & Mk2 Drivers Guild
The International Club for all Mk2 & Mk2 Granada Owners (Est 1993)
Editors Page
We have another packed issue and my thanks to all those who have sent in articles. As I mentioned in the last issue Guild was formed 1 October 1993 and I have included another few pages from News & Views No1 pages 6&7 as a trip down memory lane. This is the first Editorial by the original membership secretary Maureen Kennedy, temporarily standing in as editor for Andy Shaw.

Andy did have a "Did you know ?" article in issue No 1 which included a history of the Mk1 Granada from 1972 to 1977. I will put a copy of this in the next Mag for all you fact junkies . Sorry No space in this issue.

Maureen Kennedy is sadly no longer with us but was our membership secretary for nearly 16 years from the start in Oct 1993 to July 2009, which is when I took on the role, after Maureen became seriously ill. As most of you know I had a strong connection with Maureen and her hubby George as I bought my Coupe ( RUF ) from them in August 1995 (see photo below) which is also when I joined the Guild. Brings back loads of memories . . .

In August 1995 I had just sold my house in Brackley, Northants and was in the process of buying a house in Thame, Oxon. I had some spare cash burning a hole in my pocket so what a great way to use it - buy a car ! 24 Years on and RUF still puts a great smile on my face every time we are on the road. Now I must send a big thanks to all who have sent in show dates for 2019 and it looks like Guild is be going to be very busy in 2019 . Diary dates are listed on pages 11 to 15.

One big change to note this year is we have changed the venue for the Guild AGM in July. The AGM will be taking place at the Northey Lodge Touring Park in Peterborough. Bryan Stone mentions the reason for this in his Chairmans Chat and I have included a full page advert on page 10 which gives booking contact details and the camping charges . If you are going to attend the AGM I would suggest you book up with Northey Lodge asap and remember to let them know you are attending the Guild AGM. Hope to see you there.

With the diary dates looking good I will be hoping for lots of show reports from you lot this year. But don't stop send in the other stuff. In particular we have been a bit short on the Cars the star articles and Meet the Fleet articles recently. If you could send some more of these in I would be grateful.

Magazine deadline

The next magazine is awaiting articles from you. So if you have any show reports or you fancy writing or a Cars the Star article or a Meet the fleet article or technical tips please send them in to me. Remember we need your stuff and don't forget the pictures. You can contact me at the Guild email address shown on page 2 of the Mag.

The next issue of News & Views (No 97 July) will be going to press on 30 June, so if you want to get your article in the Mag please send it to me by 24 June.


Any member can advertise a vehicle or spares free of charge and may include up to 2 photo's, the advert will automatically be included on this website unless specifically requested otherwise. Business or Trade advertisments for services is £25 per Issue or £90 for a year (4 Issues) Commercial rates for full or half pages on application. Non members can advertise services, vehicles or spares for a charge of £10 with photo. Advertisments will run for 1 issue and will then be removed, if you wish to continue advertising, please contact the Editor.

ED - John Kempson