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Registering a Historic Vehicle
Hello members. Good News ! The DVLA have started to make it a little easier to register your 40 year old classic car as a Historic Vehicle and hence road tax exempt. However DVLA are not exactly shouting about it and the info sheet they provide ( INF34 ) has a couple of important errors stated on it.

INF34 currently states that you need to fill in a V10. Wrong, you need to fill in a V62.
INF34 currently states you need to apply to the DVLA in Swansea. Wrong, you do this at a Post Office that takes road tax payments. Note - not all Post Offices do this now so check first.

Another very important point that you need to be aware of is that to qualify as a 40 year old Historic Vehicle your V5C must state that you car was registered or manufactured before 1st January of the appropriate year. Currently this date is 1st January 1975. The 40 year rule is a rolling date but the DVLA has chosen the 1st of January as the fixed start point for each year. So for a car registered / manufactured after 1st January 1975 you will have to wait until 1st January 2016 to qualify and to register - ho hum !

Having just registered RUF as a Historic Vehicle (manufactured 1974) this is what you do and the documents you require.
You need the following :-
1) Application for a vehicle registration certificate V62
2) Your V5C registration document.
3) Current MOT certificate.
4) Current insurance certificate.

You fill in the V62 form and take all the above to the post office. You tell them you want to re register your vehicle as a Historic Vehicle. They will check your docs and the V62 and get you to sign section 8 of the V5C. They will send the V62 off with section 1 to 8 of the V5C to the DVLA. The post office will give you back your docs along with sections 9 to 11 of the V5C with a dated receipt. This is all free of charge - you do not even pay any postage !
You will then get your new V5C in about 14 days.

Copies of the DVLA forms are available for download, click below . . .

Download DVLA form V62

Download DVLA form INF34

And now the mad part. After registration as a Historic Vehicle you will still get the tax reminder V11 but it will state zero duty required and then you will have to phone up the DVLA and tax the car at zero duty. I think this will change and some one in the DVLA will spot the potential to save the postage.

If you have any questions give me a call.

J D Kempson.
Treasurer & Membership Secretary