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 Magazine Issue 104
News Update
News Update

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Parts/Spares - Check here for those parts you need

Guild members - Looking for that difficult part ? Got parts to sell or swap ? Then why not post an advert here ? Put your Granada parts for sale or those wanted items on this page. These adverts are updated with each issue of our Magazine. You can also contact us as we may know where to get that difficult to find part for you.

Parts/Spares - Check here for those parts you need
Guild members - Looking for that difficult part ? Got parts to sell or swap ? Then why not post an advert here ? Put your Granada parts for sale or those wanted items on this page. These adverts are updated with each issue of our Magazine. You can also contact us as we may know where to get that difficult to find part for you.

We would like anyone that has any Granada Mk1 or Mk2 parts for sale to get in touch to let us know what you have. We will also need your contact details and your whereabouts so that we can direct any one that needs parts in your direction.
This way we can build a database of parts and suppliers for any queries that we may get with regards to finding parts for our cars.
Obviously you will have to be happy with us giving your details to other people. But if you are not happy with this then we are sure that other Guild members locally will be happy to act as a go between if needed.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we will hear from you soon.

All advertisements for cars or spares for sale may be sent in by post or email, please send to John Kempson or Martin Ecott, contact details can be found here. All advertisements will be placed both in News and Views and this website and may include up to two photos. This service is free to members and £10 for non-members.

The most immediate method of doing this is to send an email with all the required details with a suitable picture to Martin Ecott. (or see inside front cover for details) and your advert will appear on the Guild website as soon as possible. Of course should you still have the car for sale when the next edition of News & Views is due out it will also appear in that.

Can we please request however that when you sell your parts you let us know thus avoiding complaints the advert is still there months after it is required ! !

Advertisements will run for 1 issue and will then be removed. If you wish to continue advertising for more issues, please contact us to discuss.

** Also if you sell your parts please let us know as soon as possible !! **

Business or trade advertisements for services may be placed for £25 per issue or £90 for a year (4 issues). Commercial rates for full or half pages are available on application.

PLEASE NOTE : The parts offered are owned by Guild members or private individuals and are offered for sale on their behalf. No indemnity, liability or warranty for any part advertised will be acknowledged by the Ford Granada MkI & MKII Drivers Guild. If your advertised parts are sold, please let us know so we can remove them from the website. Thank you.

Members Technical Help

Not sure whats wrong or which part you need ? Then contact us and we will pass your query onto one of our technical advisors.

Parts for Sale

Many day to day service parts are available almost anywhere in the country, don't forget to ask for that all important discount for a member of a classic car club, you might be surprised at just how many suppliers and outlets are willing to sell at trade prices. Various normal service items are available from Ford dealers, and, surprisingly, sometimes cheaper than motor factors. If there is anything in particular you are having difficulty obtaining, please contact us. Just because an item can't be found in one part of the country, dosen't mean to say it can't be found elsewhere. All of the Ford dealers are run as a franchise and don't always have access to the same stock. Plus, some motor factors have different suppliers and stockists, therefore access to a supply of different parts.

We also have a list of suppliers for various parts & services, such as engine tuning, auto gearbox parts & repairs etc etc . . . Please feel free to get in touch with any of the Guild Committee or Regional Co-Ordinators for information about what might be available, not just in your area, but all over the country.

Don't forget, there are quite a few members who break cars for second-hand spares or get to know the banger racers in your area, they're usually willing to let you strip a car for them, or at least sell bits off them.

For all Mechanical work and Body work including Full Restorations
Spares available for Mk1 & Mk2


Keeping your Granny alive !

Contact Julian Peapall Tel: 07702 400171

Mk2 Spares always available also some Mk1. Located in Swindon but can send out to all areas
Contact Camel 07710 549736 or Julian 07702 400171. Reasonable times please.

Removed from Estates 2.8GL, 2.8i GhiaX and 2.8 Ghia. Electric heated door mirrors, front indicators, Rear lights, header tanks. Washer bottles front and rear. Overhead consoles, rear view mirror. Electric seat switches, window switches, sun visors, ashtrays. Chrome roof rails, fan unit, alternators, starters, Facia with clocks, Badges, Interior armrests and door handles in grey.. Various brightware trim. Two bonnets overall very good condition not the usual front edge rot very solid. Also Capri Mk3 3.0s Front bumper with headlight washers. Various other parts. To many to list.
Contact Andrew for pictures and further information, location Cheshire. Tel : 07974 946003
Or Email me.

Various Mk1 and Mk2 secondhand spares for sale.
Contact : Mick Bentley Tel : 01489 895578 Southampton

Headrests in grey and blue, rear seats, parcel shelf and door seals in grey and blue. Centre console : Auto in grey, Manual in blue, inner cill covers in grey and blue. Front overhead panels, sun visors, screen rail, dash underfelts, estate loadspace trim panels. Front and rear screens, window glass and window lift units, electric and dipping mirrors. Headlamps and rear lights, bumper brackets and bumper parts, saloon and estate. Air/con radiators, instrument panels, screenwash and header tanks, air filter housings, front grilles, fuel tanks, polished brightwork, front seat adjust motors, steering wheels. Power steering pumps, alternators, starters, m/cylinders, viscous fans, auto boxes. Many other parts too numerous and various to list. Set of base doors for estate, rust free.
Contact Ian Simcock Tel: 01342 316492. Sussex. If you get the answer phone please leave a message, I will call you. If it is urgent try 07747 107707.
Or Email me.

Parts Wanted

I am looking for the following:-
Front sub frame for Mk2 series 2 to suit the 2.5 diesel engine.
Complete Beige interior for a Mk2 Estate.
Will travel and collect.
Contact Stuart Minor Tel : 07766 976582 After 6 pm please

Front and rear seats in blue BETA cloth. Will collect.
Contact Rod Tebble Tel : 07786 332748

Be green, recycle your MKI or MKII Granada. Why pay the scrap man to take it away when it could be used for spares to help keep others on the road or provide someone with a low cost start for a project. Just ring and I will arrange for it to be collected. No cash either way. The cars or spares that the cars provide are passed on to members for free or next to nothing, all I need to do is cover transport costs.
Contact Camel Boxall

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