Nick Edwards Mk1

I bought the car off Ebay in October 1994 Id seen this car at a local car rally in the summer and took a couple of photos not to buy but to show what I was after when I bought one. Anyway I did buy the car which has done 76000 miles and is a 1975 3.0 litre Miami blue Ghia auto with V6 Essex engine.

History . . . .

I decided to lightly strip it out and to my surprise the old girl is as solid as she was when built only surface rust appeared in the doors etc. and a couple of bad bits and a hole in the sunroof area with some bubbling under the vinyl roof. I have had this done and also I have had the back air vents closed up now only for display plus I had the pipes going from the roof right through to the wheel arches for the water to just drop out on to the floor from the sunroof area.

Shes not perfect but I am happy with her I am now waiting for Stuart Scott the upholsterer that I have got hold of for the new vinyl roof to go on and then the head lining and other bits of interior that I have had recovered. He has done an excellent job so far - thanks Stuart.

We are now in 2007 and after them bits it will be a case of finishing the cosmetics i.e. door cards carpet etc and hopefully get it out to shows this year fingers crossed if I get that far then in the future I will clean up the engine bay area.

I changed my mind and have now gone all the way all underneath wax oiled & sealer changed handbrake cable renewed all brakes and pipe with stainless steel and new copper pipe. Exchange brake calipers from Charles Johnson of Norwich.

Had new petrol tank and seals and fuel line and clips most of the items came from Ebay or car shows or the Motomobil team in Germany and Retro Ford.

Also had the car resprayed via Max Bidwell and he painted her in her original metallic Miami blue. The engine has had new core plugs seals distributor, waterpump etc and I have had the front bed & parts powdercoated at Aerocoat in St Olaves near Lowestoft Suffolk and now with the help of a mate Andy Grey we are putting her back together. I was going to have her ready in 2008 but have decided to completely finish her ready for next year 2009.

And here we are in 09 had a problem with the power steering pump but had it reconditioned at Power Steering Services of Greenwich in London and they were pretty good came back within 2 days all working properly. So all the odd little jobs have been done so and I have just had the car tested and she passed so she has gone to the painters just to get out 4 or 5 nicks that she got while in the garage.

We are in July and I had purchased the car in October 04 and she is like a new vehicle. I have put my own little touches on her to my liking and hope the majority of people will like her. I have spent literally hundreds on her but it is worth it.

I have had a great deal of help no other than with Andy Grey who like me is a club member I come from the Norfolk branch of the club and we meet up once a month via Rob Tebble there are normally 6- 10 of us and we have a nice little following.

I also have all the history from this car and it started life as a Ford Demonstration car for Allens dealer ship in the Romford area and Upminster my Reg is LVX2P and I also know that LVX1P was a Daytona yellow Coupe which if any one out there knows of its whereabouts I wouldnt mind restoring that if it needed it I can be contacted on 07785 912883

Back to my car, it has been 90% stripped out and every thing has either been renewed or repainted & reused I have loads of photos and plenty of receipts its been a long time but as I am not much of a mechanic but have had help on the way as I have already said thanks to every who has give advice & tips mostly members from our Norfolk area of the Guild.

Thanks also to every body who voted for my car at Wicksteed Park I had so much interest in it especially the wheels so I thought I would say a bit about them.

They are Mk1 alloys and I had them Powder coated in black & chrome they coated the inside black and the inserts on the front of the alloys as well in black then they coated the face of them in powder coat chrome. They were done by a firm called AEROCOAT in St Olaves near Great Yarmouth.

When I took them to them they were unsure whether they could do them or not but said they would have a go and Im glad they did. ADAM YOUNG the proprietor has as I understand it patented this chrome effect as it was him who perfected it and has won award winning competitions for his work mainly with scooters & bikes but will take on other projects as well as I had my front suspension bed and various other bits done including front grill & bonnet trim wheels tracking & suspension arms and air filter housing & other various small parts. Adam can be contacted on 01493 488455 just mention Nick with the Mk1 Granada.

 Nick Edwards