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Send some details (notes on a scrap of paper will do) of your GRANADA, what you have done, how you did it, any problems, modifications and tuning etc, along with any pictures you care to share with others. Email (or post) your items to the Webmaster or the magazine Editor (contact details also in magazine) for inclusion here and in the magazine.

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Simon Hollobones ODB634M Mk1 3.0 GXL.

Darren Laws PRG122M Mk1 3.0 GL.

Steve Hills B711YHD Mk2 2.8i Ghia X.

Romano Viazzanis JLD527N Consul L.

Grahame Ribbans JDC394N, Ghia Coupe .

Colin Aikens B608UKN, 1984 MKII 2.8 Ghia X Auto .

Chris Winlows MBP350R, MK1 Ghia Coupe.

Kevin Silvesters WPB333Y, MK2 1982 Ghia X Saloon.

Gareth Richards RPF701R, MK1 3.0 GL. (Part 2)

Phil Boshers LNF514V Mk2 Series 1 2.8i on a photo shoot.

John Baileys C864XCL Mk2 2.8 GL

Gary Hills UWR619L, Consul 2000 Base Model.

Gareth Richards RPF701R, MK1 3.0 GL on a fashion photo shoot.

Patrick Hayes A583JLO, Mk2 2.8GL.

Alan Andrews WVS816X, Mk2 Series1 2.3L.

Dave & Diana Gibsons RHB424R, Mk1 3.0 Ltr Ghia.

Martin Sherrys A995MFR, Coleman Milne Windsor.

Andrew Bells RRM746R, MK1 2.0 GL.

Gareth Richards RPF701R, MK1 3.0 GL. (Part 1)

Graham Ceddes ALN157Y, MK2 2.3L.

Ian (Lefty) Wrights BRX403T, MK2 Series 1, 2 door saloon.

Pete Maskell's WML442M, MK1 Series 1 Ghia saloon.

Graham (Camel) Boxalls A699MBF, Mk2 V8.

Jan & Phil Boshers LNF514V, Mk2 Series 1 2.8i.

Nick Edwards LVX2P, Mk1 3.0 Ltr Ghia.

Webmasters 3.7i Ghia X. Technical stuff with pictures.