Ian (Lefty) Wrights Mk2 series 1, 2 door

BRX 403T. Mk2 series 1 2.0 (V6) L. Two door saloon. The Mk 2 two door model was built for the European market only hence they were all left hand drive, which is a shame really as I think they would have done well in the UK as would the Mk 1 two door saloon . . . .

A brief history . . . .

It was built in 1978 at the Ford plant in Cologne and finished in Jupiter Red with black interior. It was supplied new to a Kurt Jansen by Fisher Ford of Bochum the local Ford dealer (it is still a Ford dealer) on the 3rd April 1979 and carried the registration number BO-KL-573.

In November 1989 Ursula Wenzel from Herne, acquired it and was subsequently registered with HER-AB-197 registration number. August 1993 saw it return back to Bochum, were it was acquired by Heinz Benning and subsequently registered with BO-YK-713 plates.

In 1995 it was found in a breakers yard by Gerd Verhoven still intact and was purchased by Martin Tomzac from Düsseldorf here it acquired D-EC-666 plates. A lot of good cars were sent to the breakers yards in Germany when they were traded in for new vehicles. This one was lucky it survived . . . .

He came to Billing Aquadrome in it for the 1997 Ford Granada Drivers Guild Annual rally that was the first time I saw the car.

In 1998 it was acquired by the late George Kennedy a stalwart of the Drivers Guild who bought it for his wife Maureen. The 2.0 engine was replaced with a 3.0 Essex engine still on a manual box and 3.0 diff. It was then registered in the UK and allocated the age related plate BRX 403T (Reading Reg) but she found it difficult to drive because it was manual transmission.

It was then passed on to Anthony Dobbs who ran it for a little while before emigrating back down under. Anthony Shaw another stalwart of the Guild then bought it but didn’t like it so he only had it 2 months before purchasing a 2.3 GL saloon from Germany the two tone green one from Uwe Hochstein so the two door was surplus to requirements as they say.

I purchased it in February 2000 after being left without a Granada and after running it with the 3.0 (it was costing me a small fortune to keep it on the road) the engine was replaced it with a 2.0 Pinto mated to a 5 speed box. September 2000 it took us to Granada and then down onto the Mediterranean 5 up and a trailer in tow.

Since then it has been a rolling restoration project as they say it has had the wings replaced also two new doors from a good friend in Holland (Peter the paint) the Engine has been replaced by a 2.0 v6 cologne engine. The original engine sits in the garage awaiting a rebuild (one day) !

The seats have been replaced by ones from a Coupe (better than the basic L spec seats)

It is now only used in the summer months, but still tows the caravan around. It still brings a smile to ones face when they come and look at it and say my dad used to have one of these and you say back, are you sure . . . .

 Ian (Lefty) Wright