How many left ?

I recently came across a website maintained by an enthusiast that shows how many vehicles remain. All the data on the site is derived from vehicle licensing statistics published by the Department for Transport in the UK.


For each specific model variation, according to how they were registered for the V5, you can see how many were licensed or on a SORN for each year from 1994 to 2011, and for 2010 there is a breakdown by the year they were first registered.

I thought it would be interesting to try and work out how many of our Granadas still existed as, I am sure like most of you, I had no idea. The data does not show whether they are Mark 1, 2, or 3 but the year of registration gives a big clue. It is not foolproof for all variations, for example a Ghia Auto first registered in 1977 could be a Mark 1 or 2, whereas a 1977 GL 3000 is obviously a Mark 1. The same difficulty occurs around 1985/86 when some Mark 3 models were given the same model descriptions as Mark 2s. Imports are first registered when they arrive so I may have missed some that came to the UK after 1985. There are also some other peculiarities such as10 Consul GTs being first registered in 1999 and 28 in 2000. Because of this my analysis of the data is not going to be 100% accurate but it does give a general idea. Also it does not distinguish between saloons and estates although coupes seem to be identified.

I found some modified limousine Granada’s from 1979 onwards listed as Ford Cardinal Hearse, Minster, Dorchester, and Grosvenor. I presume modified Mark 1s are included in the standard Mark 1 listings. The only special edition noted is the Consort of which 7 were licensed and 3 on a SORN.

Here are my analyses from the lists that I thought would be of interest :-

Model Licensed 2010 SORN Total
Mk1 163 201 364 (13%)
1977 Mk1 or Mk2 22 35 57 (2%)
Mk2 915 1428 2343 (85%)
Total 1100 (40%) 1463 (60%) 2764 (incl Limo's)

92 of the Mk 1s are identified as Coupes - which is 25%

Also identified were :-

Model Licensed 2010 SORN Total
Cardinal Hearse 13 27 40
Minster 4 6 10
Dorchester 19 47 66
Grosvenor 3 8 11
Total 39 88 127

So it looks like there were at least 2700 still left in 2010, but I suspect a large number of the SORNs were those that have been stockpiled by banger racers. The total number of Granadas/Scorpios remaining seems to be about 10,700, so Mark 1s account for 3½% and Mark 2s 22%. I will look at the numbers again when the 2011 figures are released. For anyone interested in looking at the site the web address is

Paul Wansbrough

Spring Issue 70

May 2012