Editorial Issue 86

In this issue we have the now Chairman's chat , My Car is a Star by Chris Winlow , Show write up from Phil Bosher, more photos of those stunners on the front and rear cover, Bosch starter motor fix tech write up by Paul Wansbrough and just few diary dates for the remaining months of this years shows.

I have had a great response to my last call for more photos and a few are in this issue. So a big thanks to new members Allan Drake and Mike Welbourne for a bunch of great photos of their cars Ė bit of a Mk1 fest this issue. So lets be having some Mk2ís !!!!!

Not wanting to repeat myself but we still really are in need more photos of your cars ! We are fast running out of photos for next years Calendar, to put in the mag and to update the Gallery pages on the Guild web site.So please, please, can you send us in some more photos. Email is the preferred way but you can post them in. Send them in to me or Bryan Stone or Martin Ecott.

Magazine deadline

Now donít forget the next magazine is awaiting articles from YOU ! So if you are going to have any show reports or fancy writing a Cars the Star article or have any technical tips please send them in to me. You can post them or email them. You can contact me at the Guild email address or the postal address shown on page 2 of the mag.

The next issue of News & Views (No 87) will be going to press on 1 September, so please get your show reports, articles and ads in to me by 24 August. Thanks.


Any member can advertise a vehicle or spares free of charge and may include up to 2 photo's, the advert will automatically be included on this website unless specifically requested otherwise. Business or Trade advertisments for services is £25 per Issue or £90 for a year (4 Issues) Commercial rates for full or half pages on application. Non members can advertise services, vehicles or spares for a charge of £10 with photo. Advertisments will run for 1 issue and will then be removed, if you wish to continue advertising, please contact the Editor.

John Kempson

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