Editorial Issue 89

IIn this issue we have the Chairman's chat , club contacts, Diary dates for 2017, My car story from Grahame Ribbans, My Consul by Romano Viazzani , meet the fleet by Bryan Stone and the Wicksteed All Granadaís together 2016 report . All packed with great photos and the writes up are pretty good too. The usual for sale and wanted adverts are at the back of the mag and there is a really nice Mk2 for sale Ė see page 33 and 34.

Meet the Fleet is a new article we are introducing starting with our Chairmans collection of Mk2ís and we are hoping this will inspire those of you who have a fleet of Mk1ís or Mk2ís ( or both ) to put your fingers to the keyboard and follow his lead and let us all know about your fleet. So please get inspired and get those writes up in as we have a lot of readers waiting to know about your fleet.

Bryan Stone is still on the hunt for your car photos for the 2018 Calendar. Email is the preferred way but you can post them in. Please send them in to me or Bryan Stone or Martin Ecott.

Magazine deadline

Now donít forget the next magazine is awaiting articles from YOU! So if you have any show reports or you fancy writing or a Cars the Star article or Meet the Fleet article or technical tips please send them in to me. Even a quick note of where and when on a show. Donít forget the pictures. Remember we need your stuff. You can contact me at the guild email address or my postal address - both are shown on page 2 of the mag.

The next issue of News & Views (No 90) will be going to press on 30 June, so if you want to get your article in the mag please send it to me by 24 June

Thatís me done for now, so see you at the shows and donít forget to get those articles and show reports in for the mag.


Any member can advertise a vehicle or spares free of charge and may include up to 2 photo's, the advert will automatically be included on this website unless specifically requested otherwise. Business or Trade advertisments for services is £25 per Issue or £90 for a year (4 Issues) Commercial rates for full or half pages on application. Non members can advertise services, vehicles or spares for a charge of £10 with photo. Advertisments will run for 1 issue and will then be removed, if you wish to continue advertising, please contact the Editor.

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