Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 80

Hello to all member's old and new. As we head towards the end of the show season, I think that we can say we've had a good run for our money weather wise, compared to some of previous the seasons we've had, don't you think. Especially for our new member's encouraging them to come out onto the club stands and get some show time in.

Members have been all over the place this year including going to Germany, Holland & Belgium. I'm saving my 2 big write up's for the winter mag issues because it go's a little quiet then. Also it gives you a chance to do some writing for the mag as well, so please take time out to tell us what shows you've been to this year as it makes very interesting reading.

So to Club business . . .


MARTIN ECOTT is our web master he would like more articles - pictures - for sale items please, he can put them on the web site the more the better. Contact details via the committee page.


As you may know we have a face book page that can be very interesting the amount of information that be found on there, if you want get onto it, get yourself accepted by CAMEL BOXALL or RICHARD GARRETT and the world is your oyster. Please note the Guild will not tolerate any stupid comments or slagging anybody off, and will not provide a boxing ring to do this on the back of the THE FORD GRANADA MK1 & MK2 DRIVERS GUILD. (WE ARE SICK OF IT & WE DONT WANT YOU)


CAMEL BOXALLCAMEL BOXALL is our insurance valuation officer he is recognised by most classic car insurerís and his valuations are up to date with current prices of our GRANADA'S so if want a valuation by him please contact him via the committee page of this mag. Please bare in mind that he doesnít leave no stone unturned when performs a valuation and its written up professionally on guild headed letter, (THIS INSURANCE IS ONLY VALID AS LONG YOU ARE A CURRENT MEMBER OF THE FORD GRANADA MK1& MK2 DRIVERS GUILD), I say this because we had an incident with a past member who only joined for insurance purposeís and he needed to claim, his insurance was invalid, as he was not a current member, so it was a case of HARD CHEESE MATEY.


THE CAR IS THE STAR is that special feature gives you the opportunity to tell us about your GRANADA, with some pics please. All of our Granada's have got a history to them ESPECIALLY NOW WE HAVE GONE COLOUR. This section of the magazine has always' been a bit of a problem so that's why the committee decided this year to go all colour and give it a DAMM GOOD THRASHING and teach it a lesson once and for all, so get stuck in and get those articles written and sent in! Donít forget those show reports as well.
JOHN KEMPSON is the man that put's it all together for us and remember its free to advertise for sale items and wanted items and if you want to advertise your business. It is all free of charge to all memberís - so its up to you, it's there for you. Contact John via the committee page or the Guild web site.


RICHARD GARRETT is your man for your search or for-sale Granada parts. If you've got any enquiries give him a call and he may be able to put you in touch with someone matching your request. His contact details are also in the front page of the Mag.


The committee has not yet appointed anybody, as it needs to be looked at in detail, and may be take a new approach to it. We need to look at the stock we want to carry and keep a steady eye on it, because with any car club its difficult and it has a very short life span and can soon go out of date as the flavour of the month, which end's up as dead money which belongs to all of us. We donít get much in the way of discounts from the manufacturers as everything they sell is a minimum of 50 or 100 and the club doesnít need stock hanging about for ages.
Please donít get me wrong, we have regalia in stock to sell but we want to get it right, and its a tough cookie. It takes months to put the idea's into practice and hard bargaining to get the right price as well.


BRIAN & EUNICE CREED are responsible for the wicksteed weekend's booking & organising & assisted by the rest of the committee &member's who help us as well. The Guild held its annual agm at Wicksteed Park at the end of July & the weather was very hot and weekend had promised to be very hot all through. I arrived Thursday armed with caravan around tea time only to find upon arrival that Wicksteed Park had changed the security man to an automatic ticket entry system, which they changed 5 day's before our weekend and nobody knew. So that was a bit confusing. The site office was shut so I went to our field to find out you pay your camping in the site office, which also gets you your car pass. There was at least 20 caravansí and tent's on site mostly consisting the Swindon mafia and the newly formed Lincolnshire crew. So it was camp up and settle down to a bit of tea.

Friday and more member's started to arrive at different time's during the day including our friends Leive & Marcell who run the TAUNUS M CLUB in Belgium with Jan & Irene, old friends of the Guild. Even our Honorary President TERRY HEAD + old friends from the early days joined us for the weekend, It was GREAT TO SEE THEM . Friday afternoon and the table's & chair's arrived from Wicky park entertainment section & the guild social club marquee was erected for the Friday night get-together. The atmosphere was fantastic, the sound of laughter flooded the whole site with people enjoying themselves, I WAS THE BUTT OF MOST JOKE'S OF THE MICKY TAKING from all side's of the marquee but I donít care. MARK SOUSTER laughed so much he went bright red and lost his breath - THOUGHT HE HAD HIS CHIPS ! It was a funny night, everybody was feeding from each other, so it was another late night for me and most the field.

Saturday morning greeted us with a beautiful day and many membersí still arriving; others were polishing their cars up for the big day on Sunday. Saturday night drew in and the weather was still very hot so after tea it was back to the Guild social club for another night of laughter. And what a great atmosphere again just when you think everybody had exhausted all the conversation NO WAY! I was the last to bed very early Sunday morning 03.45 am making preparationís for Sunday.


Up 07.00 am and the Sun had got his hat on and bid us a very bright sunny day. Member's turning up for the day began to arrive and it was nice to see new member's turn up as well. Camel brought over the Guild flag's to set up and John Kempson set up the PA system and I connected my laptop for the music to serenade guild memberís as they were bringing themselves around for the day - a bit like hi-di-hi. As thing's got under way the marquee was very busy with regalia saleís, with MARK SOUSTER & committee member RICHARD GARRETT - thanks boys - great job.

ANNABEL PEAPELL once again had given her weekend up to do the face painting for the children and adult's if they wanted which is free of charge, its all part of the day THANK YOU ANNABEL XXX.

CAMEL BOXALL was in charge of booking in and issuing the plaques for the day + organising the judge's for the different categoryís. JOHN KEMPSON was in charge of the colouring competion for the kiddies and grown ups - in fact anybody who wanted to enter. Quite a few mums did well this year. PENNY BARTON & LAURA JOHNSON ( THANK YOU LADIE'S XX ) were out in the field selling raffle ticket's for the 20 fantastic prize's that JOHN BARTON & ERICA had arranged. They had gone beyond all limit's once again to arrange and put together another fantastic raffle for the weekend. This took them month's to sort and always a bit tricky - but they did another great job. THANK YOU JOHN & ERICA.

I was on the PA system giving the mike a run for it's money making various announcementís throughout the day. Many visitor's came over to see us even from the public campsite paying many compliment's and as usual going down memory lane. Great to hear their storyís even Mick on his trike with the kids from the other public field and he spent more time with us than his own family.

We had 44 & half Granadaís in all with the half being Paul Tyler's Granada estate trailer. The count was a bit down from last year but the AGM is always a lottery' some member's came in their every day carís. Around 3.30 pm member's were called towards the marquee for AGM section of the day. The let you know how the Guild is doing and the future plans bit and member question's and my little speech. After I had finished we asked President TERRY HEAD to say a few word's & then onto the prize giving with the raffle & colouring competion then everyone prick their ear's up for the result's that Camel announces the car registration's for trophies prize's. After the prize giving its a final BIG thank you to everybody including wives & girlfriendís who attend and support the Guild weekend that make's it such a success.


Take care and safe driving.

Bryan Stone.