Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 95

Hello to members old and new, and what a great year 2018 was. The Guildís heavy presence on the classic car scene with the attendance being boosted by the fantastic weather we enjoyed a proper summer.

The Consul & MK 1 was in the spotlight this year and we have seen the prices of our beloved cars, Consul's Mk1 & Mk2's go up in value. As you may be aware, that the the consul & MK1's have easily broken the £15 k barrier and in one case much higher than that. Itís what fully restored versions are fetching now hence our slogan ďKEEP YOUR GRANNY ALIVEĒ.

The Guilds show season was well attended in many areas, especially some areas that had fallen into hibination mode over the past few years. They have got going again and have enjoyed their efforts. Nice to hear the Kent area has had a go, thats been quiet for some time.

2018 has seen the early Mk2 model being eligable for Historic Vehicle status (1977 on) and now with the removal of the yearly mot you have the opportunity to run your car for Nunpence on this expence front, which is good news. To register your Granada as a Historic Vehicle with the DVLA see the page on our web site.


The Guild Magazine is a big expence to the Guild which we must make full use of Some say find someone cheaper, well itís not as easy as that Iím afraid. Poor print quality and wrong gauge paper makes a differance to what you get to read and how long it lasts after you finished with it. I recently obtained a couple of mags from other car clubs and the poor paper quality and the ink (which ran like a marathon) meant the pages stuck to each other . We want it right. The Guild does not send the Mag to the printer until we have enough articles to go in it. Which is why itís sometimes late so please put some words together. This also goes out to our European members and UK area Reps as well. We have had no reports from you boyís for a long time, please get them sorted. Love the OZ pics from Hadden keep em coming cobber.


A couple of complaints have been aired as regarding the email side of things you say that its not working properly, well thatís because the Guild email address has been recently changed Ė see page 2 of this Mag. When you do send your stories and pictures stick a received reciept on your email so when its opened our end you know its been received, or use the 'contact us' form on the website


We all know that most of all phone calls to our house phone's are are during the day time and more likley to be some turkey from a ppi claim company. Due to work commitments, for most of the committee are unable to take your call at that time. So if you decide to make a call to us at home & we canít always answer, please leave a message with your name & number so we can act on it. Please dont hang up, it gets our back up, and landline phones donít always display missed calls. If you are ringing a mobile during week days, it caní t always be answered so please be patient, but dont give up.


We keep on about this section as gives you an opportunity to write and tell us about your Granada , which has a story tucked away because you own. It always makes an interesting read for everbody and donít forget to send a piccy or two please. Those member's that have already have sent in your stories and had them published - thank you & great stuff.


Simple one this one if you have more than one Granada, dont care if in bits - empty shell or road worthy youve got a fleet something else to put in the Mag couple of short stories and a picture or 2 will do, it all helps to fill the Mag.


Members that sell the new and second hand Granada parts (if you havnít already) need to get themselves in the mag's for sale pages. Not every body is intrested in the facebook scene. I know its the place to be but not everybody are cool dudes including yours truly. So we still need you to advertise in the mag. Itís GOOD for YOU and GOOD for US the customer. You can advertise for free, get your investment back and your name out there. After all most of these Granada's wouldnít be here if it wasnít for you boys, so keep up the good work please.


The committee will be having a annual meeting in the new year planning out the 2019 year running of the Guild a full report will published of the out come. Membership renewal. If you have not renewed yet please dont forget to do this as its important. But you have until the end of January to renew thats the Guilds cut off point, thats the rules Iím afraid. We know that the good ole cheque book is near-on extinct so if you are having a problem paying please phone JOHN KEMPSON and we can sort something out with you. One thing that is on the committee agender is a easy payment system using BACS transfer. We need to set this up with our bank and as soon as we have then you will know.


The committee would like to thank you all , including the ladies , for the behind the scenes work and your comtinued support . This has meant that the public see the Gulild at our best and provides them & us with a good day out. By the time the mag is printed the Lincolnshire area would of had the annual Christmas dinner (2nd of December ) and 23 of us in total enjoyed the sunday afternoon lunch which was organised by Jason Davies (committee member & area rep). Thanks to Jason & Karen for a wonderful day and meal which was absolutley brilliant. We trust you had a very merry christmas and a we look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Take care, your Chairman

Bryan Stone


Write ups for the mag and the Guild Website please we need your input of shows, restorations, bits & pieces, pictures, etc. We are touching the 200th member now so thereís got to be something happening out there, not everybody is into the Facebook pages and I know itís full of bits of info, evan if its retro ads & pictures send to the Mag Editor John Kempson. The Guild Magazine is very expensive to produce so we need to get our moneys worth out of it. I know you might think that im always moaning but its my job and the committees to keep the lights burning in the Guild window as many people follow us from the distant corners of the globe as you know, so keep up the very good work that you do, promoting the Guild in your own way.