Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 93

Hello to all member's old and new. Well the summer is here and oh boy so far it's a steamer & lots of us out and about as usual. That's you keeping up the good work, its nice to know that what Iím hearing through the grapevine the public are enjoying seeing the Guild out on display, stiring up them old goody memories & making them there Granada fans smile, all over the UK and Europe.

Very nice to see a couple of area's have relaunched themselves out there again , but could you please tell us what you have been up to and send some pictures in. Donít matter how long ago you went to the show, as it will persuaed members in your local area to attend next time. SO KEEP IT UP, ITS A GOODEN !

COMMITTEE CHANGE : Committee member Paul Stannard has stepped down from the committee and as the Lincolnshire area co ordinator, due to unforseen personal circumstances. Thank you Paul for your time on the front line of the Guild.

NEW AREA CO-ORDINATOR : Lincolnshire & Surrounding counties.
Jason Davies & his wife Karen, have stepped up to the job of being our area Co-Ordinator. He is very a keen member and looking forward to getting stuck in, with the job of booking shows ect,in various surrounding counties. His contact details can be found on the back of the mag or via the Guild facebook. So please contact him with your enquiry's regarding show's.

PLEASE NOTE : Jason and other Area Co-Ordinator's , are Area Co-Ordinator's only, and not always committee members, so any other enquiry's of Guild business must be directed to the committee.
If you are intrested in becoming an area co-ordinator for your area, you can get in touch with the Guild committee for details. For those of you, that have brought your Granada out for the time this year after restoration, why not tell us about it, like you do on the facebook page. Why not send in your exciting news with your pictures to our mag editor John kempson. He can put them into our mag and arrange for them to be up on the Guild website. Donít forget not all of our members are on the social media scene, they show just as much interest in your news as the rest of the Guild do.

Our AGM takes place on Sunday the 29 JULY AT WICKSTEED PARK Kettering, Northamptonshire. Myself and other members will on site from Thursday morning the 26 July, so come along and have a nice long weekend and why not stay over untill Monday. Hopefully we will have a big attendance this year again Even if you donít go any where else this year please come a long and enjoy a good day out with us and see the other Granada's that we donít often see through the year. We have booked the field for Camping from 26 - 30 July.

4 of us from the Guild are going including a first timer to the show, please donít think its a race across the continent like they do on the motoring tv programs, its all done propely and safely. The show is easy to get to from Calias with a nice rest just outside Brussells and then just 45 mins later your on site at Zonhoven. We do run as a convoy so no body is left out (10-4 good buddy). If you would like more information about this trip come and speak to me at Wicksteed park or you can ring me. My contact details are in the front of the mag and here.

Please keep sending in your show reports with pictures, it does'nt matter if its from last year as it's a bit thin at the moment, which holds up the publication of the mag. Without these reports and other write ups the mag would be about 6 pages thick and we just canít justify sending the mag out on time unless we got something to go in it. We love to know where you went and how good it was, as it normally encourge's other member's to venture further a field. You can get a bit cheesed off with the same old car show time after time. Even if you donít have a club stand it donít matter and not all shows cater for club stands anyway. A good line up does a good job.

If you have more than one GRANADA Mk1 or Mk2 or both then you have got a fleet and we would like you to write in about it. They donít have to be on the road and can even be stripped and awaiting repair. To us itís still a living motor. So come on folks lets get writing.

Most of you know how it works that every Granada has a story behind it. Dont get me wrong Iím not on about the origanal bill of purchace, but would be great if you have got it. Just the story from the time you first bought your much loved granny or the work you have done to it. They make good reading and we are always looking for these stories for the magazine. So if you have that story send it in to the mag editor John Kempson.

Seeing the year's disappearing for the Granada, some parts as we well know have become deleted from many of the motor part factor's & suppliers and the words 'sorry mate bin deleted' the dissapointment sets in. Especially when many adverts for the other Ford models are in your face in every magazine you buy. But there are plenty that still stock a few parts or can order parts for your car. So the idea is that you if you would like to send into the Guild mag the details of these suppliers,(name and contact number) where you can obtain various parts (especially if it is a service part) we can put the info into the Mag. Be interesting to see what turns up.

As you may know Iím on the prowl for photos of 6 Mk1's and 6 Mk2's for the 2019 calendar. I hope that I can catch up with the one that hasn't been on the calendar yet - its your turn ! So if you would like to be on the calendar for 2019, please come and find me at the AGM. Knowing me I will find you first. If the month you desire has not already been taken then its yours. Please donít think that your Granada is not good enough because we dont think like that, its your Granada so show it off in our calendar.


MARTIN ECOTT runs our Website, he would like your pictures that you have taken at show's or of your own car so that he put them into our gallery section. For sale or wanted (free for Members) - just send your enquiry to him and he will do the rest for you.


As you may know we have a Facebook page that can be very interesting the amount of information that be found on there, if you want get onto it, get yourself accepted by CAMEL BOXALL or RICHARD GARRETT and the world is your oyster. As many of you know weíve been on Facebook for 4 year's and has been very successful in bringing people together sharing pictures and experiences, and visitors at shows joining through face book the Guild. Many new friendships have been made reinforcing the Granada as a magnet to the general public and stirring many fond memories that we often hear on the show circuit.


Most recently a Granada Mk1 broke all value records which has help'ed cause a stir in the current value of Henry Fords European BIG BOYS of the 1970ís to mid 1980ís. In fact most classics wearing the blue oval are currently enjoying a massive boost. So now itís our turn. THE BIG POUND NOTE and EURO is being spent as demand is growing for that Ford Retro item, which is very sort after now. I think it might a good time to think about the current value of your Granada, if you have a an agreed value with your insurance company, (YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LIKE ) when they have to cough up. For those of you who have used our Guild valuation from CAMEL BOXALL, the Guild valuation officer , it might be a good idea for a re-valueation from him. He will be on site at our AGM through out the weekend. I know he will be very busy with valuation's , even Iím having mine re-valued, and you may be very supprised with the result. The other option is that you get your own agreed value insurance sorted out with your insurance company. Please note: the valuation is only valid during the time you are a member of the Guild.


JOHN KEMPSON is the Mag editor and would like your articles, write ups on any show's you went to over the last year - with piccyís please. And do not forget your car is the star feature. Every Granada has a story to tell so come on and tell us please & send some picture's as well, it make's a great read. If you have anything you want to advertise - all free to members.

Thats all from me this time.

Thats it from me, all there is to say thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you out on the show scene take care .

Your Chairman

Bryan Stone