Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 91

Hello to all members old & new, A big thank you to everybody who came to the Guilds AGM ,held back in the end of July. Considering the weather wasnít going to be on our side for that weekend. Donít know how we managed to dodge the rain but lady luck turned up in the form of a ray of sunshine.

Sunday morning and liked what she saw, 43 Granadas in the field, so decided to stay for most of the day. What made the day taste extra nice was the 2 big slabs of Granada birthday cake + 200 cup cakes to go with them. The guild Committee had asked one of our Guild members wife, Toni Dawson, to make and deliver the said cakes for the Guilds main day on Sunday. It was a big ask but she took the job on & came up with the goods. But I know behind the scene's Husband Phil & the children , itching to lick the cake mix bowl round, suffered, as the lovely cakey smells came from the kitchen. It was tummy rumble time so Phil told me. (THANK YOU TONI ), lots of yum yum comments coming from the marquee.

The day would not work right if it wasnít for the other people, who are mainly members wives or girlfriends, who give up their valuable time for us year after year. They do this with no fuss , if its helping to book in via ( Jane Dyson ) or selling the raffle tickets (Penny Barton & Laura and Helen Peapell) for the prizes that John & Geoff Barton pick for us, and not forgetting Annabelle Peapell with the face painting. THANK YOU ALL, & thank you the member's.

Itís only right that the guild has a duty to the Granada Mk 2, to assist in its 40th birthday celebration which is being held in various forms ,such as Granada meets via ( open day) Granada clubs, and with the classic car magazines are on board with it as well. The words ďmilk it to deathĒ come to mind . The general public are well aware that the big Grannie Mk2 has reached 40 and the show scene seems extra busy to me. Iím finding the conversations are different as well. As most of us know that a lot of the conversations are predictable, but there's something different in peoples words, Its surprising just how quick 40 years goes by. I can remember back in 1977 when the ads on the telly were telling you about the advanced engineering Ford have used on the next generation of luxury cars. It was the period that the words - DE LUXE & SUPER-DE LUXE was old language and the vinyl seats that stuck to your back on a hot day were gone from Fords promotional catalogue choices.

The interior material for the new Granada was a better quality than in your own home ,( BY THE TIME THE CAT HAD USED YOUR SETTEE AS A SCRATCHING POST ). Ford of Europe - Vice President of Design ( Uwe Bahnsen ) was the man faced with the threat of the rest of Europe knocking on the UK's doorstep with their big basket of luxury cars, Ford wasnít going to hide behind the front door pretending they were not in. They took them on. According to many specialist car magazines of the time it didnít seem to matter what comparison car the Granada was against, it came out on top most of the time. Apart from 1 mph below the top speed of a BMW.

The Mk2 came in all sorts of different variants ,from a gutless 2.1 deisel for taxi work ( be quicker to run there with a bunch of skin-heads chasing you ) to a top of the range 2.8i Ghia X executive full leather job. The Mk2 was the only car not to have a name change all the way through its production run ,regardless of the Consort, Talisman, Chasseur and the good old Sapphire. The MK1 started life as a Consul while the legal battle with Granada TV was in court trying to stop FORD using their name sake, and we all know what happened to the MK3 Granada, changing over to the name SCORPIO. HERE'S A SNIPPET OF INFO , the European countries grade the Granada different to us, 72-78 Granada Mk1 , 77-81 Granada Mk2, 82-85 Mk 3 and then 86 on is Scorpio. In total 989,000 Granada Mk2'S were built and these went world wide and there are many beautiful examples across the planet still holding their own.

Please do not forget to do some write-ups for the shows you've been to, not everybody does Facebook even me , please send them into the Mag editor. I cant be the only one doing shows. Also your Meet The Fleet stories and not for getting Your Car is the Star.


Write ups for the mag and the Guild Website please we need your input of shows, restorations, bits & pieces, pictures, etc. We are touching the 200th member now so thereís got to be something happening out there, not everybody is into the Facebook pages and I know itís full of bits of info, evan if its retro ads & pictures send to the Mag Editor John Kempson. The Guild Magazine is very expensive to produce so we need to get our moneys worth out of it. I know you might think that im always moaning but its my job and the committees to keep the lights burning in the Guild window as many people follow us from the distant corners of the globe as you know, so keep up the very good work that you do, promoting the Guild in your own way.


MARTIN ECOTT runs our Website, he would like your pictures that you have taken at show's or of your own car so that he put them into our gallery section. For sale or wanted (free for Members) - just send your enquiry to him and he will do the rest for you.


As you may know we have a Facebook page that can be very interesting the amount of information that be found on there, if you want get onto it, get yourself accepted by CAMEL BOXALL or RICHARD GARRETT and the world is your oyster. As many of you know weíve been on Facebook for 4 year's and has been very successful in bringing people together sharing pictures and experiences, and visitors at shows joining through face book the Guild. Many new friendships have been made reinforcing the Granada as a magnet to the general public and stirring many fond memories that we often hear on the show circuit.


CAMEL BOXALL is our agreed value insurance officer and is recognized by most classic car insurer's. He is up to date with the current price's and their true agreed value. Many of you have taken the opportunity to have your Granada valued by him and been pleasantly surprised by his valuation so if you have not tried him out yet give him a call. Please note: the valuation is only valid during the time you are a member of the Guild.


JOHN KEMPSON is the Mag editor and would like your articles, write ups on any show's you went to over the last year - with piccyís please. And do not forget your car is the star feature. Every Granada has a story to tell so come on and tell us please & send some picture's as well, it make's a great read. If you have anything you want to advertise - all free to members.


Richard Garrett has recently resigned from the post of Spares Co Ordinator , therefore if you are looking for parts please contact Bryan Stone or John Kempson. CONTACT US if you are looking for that part or info of who's got what, or if you want to get rid of any bits he maybe able to help you with people who buy spare's to stock them to sell on.


We are still going to stock mugs, pens and key rings but we have been in contact with clothing companies that are keen to supply our club with T shirts, Polo shirts and Fleeces. The deal is members will be able to contact the company and place orders. Payment will be direct to the company supplying the items. See GUILD ONLINE CLOTHING STORE items can be purchased via their online shop.

Thats it from me, so take care.

Your Chairman

Bryan Stone