Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 78

Hello to all member's old & new. Well here we are another show seasons about to being and I finally got VAB's engine rebuilt with unleaded cylinder heads as I keep getting fed up with resetting my tappet's so fingers crossed for this year. I hope the weather is on our side.

So onto the usual Guild business. Donít forget all the standard services that we offer. (All our contacts can also be also found on the inside cover of the Mag.)


John Kempson the guild secretary has sent out the membership renewal's and there is no change in membership fee. It remains still only £18.00 for UK membership and £23.00 for overseas. So please do remember to get that sorted as ASAP otherwise John spends most of time processing membership form's instead of concentrating on other guild business, and we canít have that can we. I know its an expensive time of year for many, just a quick reminder once Christmas and the New Year is over please donít forget to renew your membership if you have not already done so, thank you.


Martin Ecott is the Guilds Webmaster, so all the picture's you may have taken throughout the year or any Granada picture's from times gone bye please send them to him and he will put them on our website gallery section. I will be doing up some CD's for him from my photo collection. Also any items wanted or for sale send them to Martin and he can put them up for you. Remember itís a free service to Guild members


John Kempson is the Guild Mag Editor and he's looking for stories of your Granada for our ďYOUR CAR IS THE STARĒ section. You know youíve got one so please send it in with some picture's. Donít forget your show report's with picture's and any advertisement's you may have. Remember you can advertise free of charge if you are a member.


Every Granada has a history and would be great to read it, it doesnít have to be a million word's so please send something in with some piccy's its an interesting read and may encourage other's to do the same and keep's the mag buzzing. So please send them into John Kempson our Mag editor.


Mark Marsden is the gent who run's that department and has some great new idea's for 2014. So keep an eye on the web site and the ad in the mag. He is constantly thinking of new ideas so the Regalia dose'nt get stale and stagnant.


Richard Garrett is your contact if you donít know who to get in touch with. Try Richard he can guide you to the right person that may be able to help you.


It is a very popular page with many of you and Granada fan's around the world. It has brought many people together sharing picture's otherwise we would not get to see. There's more Granada's still alive than we think. Also it would be nice if one or more of you wouldn't mind sending them across to our guild web site. I ask because not verybody does the face book thing.


Camel (Camel) Boxall is the guild's agreed value insurance officer he's recognised by many insurer's ,he's upto date with current Granada price's and as many member's have used his service's and been very happy with his valuation. This may be of interest to our new member's who may not know of this service and think the general insurance they have for their Granada is sufficient. Please be careful - what you think is the correct value maybe a very different kettle of fish


There are still a few left at the reduced price of £3.00 excluding postage which is £1.20. See the advert in this issue of the mag. Please make your cheques payable to FORD GRANADA MK1 & MK2 DRIVERS GUILD.

Photos for the 2015 Calendar. I am looking for 6 Mk1's and 6 Mk2's for the 2015 calendar next year so if you haven't appeared on the calendar yet, please let me know. I donít need pristine condition Granada's for the calendar. Its your Granada and your pride & joy, even if its in mid restoration. Call me on 01634 320770.

Finally, I have to mention the sad news of recent passing of one of our members - Rob Horne. Rob and Yvonne Horne only joined last year but both became keen show goers after Rob completed the restoration on their Mk1 Coupe. And what a great job they did Ė getting awarded winner in the Mk1 Coupe category at the AGM in July. They joined us on the trip to Zonhoven and had a great time and were great fun to be with. It is a real shame that Rob has left us and our thoughts are with Yvonne and the family.

Once again to everybody for your help and support that keep's this club alive.

Take care, your chairman,

Bryan Stone.