Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 94

Hello to all member's old and new. Well the summer is over and what a mixed bag on the weather front. Started as a steamer & ended a dampener. But lots of us were out and about as usual and my thanks to you for keeping up the guild out on display. But we are still short on those show write ups so please tell us what you have been up to and send some pictures in. Donít matter how long ago you went to the show, as it will persuaed members in your local area to attend next time.

For those of you, that have brought your Granada out for the time this year after restoration, why not tell us about it and send in ďYour Cars the StarĒ with your pictures to our mag editor John kempson. He can put them in to our mag and on to the guild website. Donít forget not all of our members are on the social media scene. We are still looking for your Meet The Fleet write ups. If you have more than 1 granada youíve got a fleet. Dosenít matter if its in bits or in the middle of a resto, itís still a story that needs to be told.

Our AGM took place on Sunday the 29th of JULY AT WICKSTEED PARK Kettering Northamptonshire. And despite the wet weather we had 36 GRANADAíS on display. We were surprise that so many made it and very pleased. All the cars were stunning and hats off to all of you who made it. I know itís not easy to decide to take your pride and joy out in a downpoor hoping it will dry out later so my thanks to all who came and thanks to all the members that helped out on the day.

As most of you know the Guild was formed in September 1993 and is 25 year old, and we are still going strong and that is all down to you out there keeping your Mk1 & Mk2ís out on the classic scene. The 2019 Calendar is the 25th Annivesary issue and is on sale now and itís still only a fiver, but get your order in quick as they will go quick. Details on how to order your copy is on page 8 of the mag.

Donít forget we have a 4 car stand at the NEC this year. The show runs from the 9 to 11 Nov. If you can make the trip you will be more than welcome to grab a cupper with us. You can get a discount on your entrance ticket if you pre order online - see the ad on pages 6 & 7 of the mag.

Thats it from me this time and thank you all for your continued support and I hope to see you at the NEC.

Your Chairman

Bryan Stone


Write ups for the mag and the Guild Website please we need your input of shows, restorations, bits & pieces, pictures, etc. We are touching the 200th member now so thereís got to be something happening out there, not everybody is into the Facebook pages and I know itís full of bits of info, evan if its retro ads & pictures send to the Mag Editor John Kempson. The Guild Magazine is very expensive to produce so we need to get our moneys worth out of it. I know you might think that im always moaning but its my job and the committees to keep the lights burning in the Guild window as many people follow us from the distant corners of the globe as you know, so keep up the very good work that you do, promoting the Guild in your own way.


MARTIN ECOTT runs our Website, he would like your pictures that you have taken at show's or of your own car so that he put them into our gallery section. For sale or wanted (free for Members) - just send your enquiry to him and he will do the rest for you.


As you may know we have a Facebook page that can be very interesting the amount of information that be found on there, if you want get onto it, get yourself accepted by CAMEL BOXALL or RICHARD GARRETT and the world is your oyster. As many of you know weíve been on Facebook for 4 year's and has been very successful in bringing people together sharing pictures and experiences, and visitors at shows joining through face book the Guild. Many new friendships have been made reinforcing the Granada as a magnet to the general public and stirring many fond memories that we often hear on the show circuit.


Most recently a Granada Mk1 broke all value records which has help'ed cause a stir in the current value of Henry Fords European BIG BOYS of the 1970ís to mid 1980ís. In fact most classics wearing the blue oval are currently enjoying a massive boost. So now itís our turn. THE BIG POUND NOTE and EURO is being spent as demand is growing for that Ford Retro item, which is very sort after now. I think it might a good time to think about the current value of your Granada, if you have a an agreed value with your insurance company, (YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LIKE ) when they have to cough up. For those of you who have used our Guild valuation from CAMEL BOXALL, the Guild valuation officer , it might be a good idea for a re-valueation from him. He will be on site at our AGM through out the weekend. I know he will be very busy with valuation's , even Iím having mine re-valued, and you may be very supprised with the result. The other option is that you get your own agreed value insurance sorted out with your insurance company. Please note: the valuation is only valid during the time you are a member of the Guild.


JOHN KEMPSON is the Mag editor and would like your articles, write ups on any show's you went to over the last year - with piccyís please. And do not forget your car is the star feature. Every Granada has a story to tell so come on and tell us please & send some picture's as well, it make's a great read. If you have anything you want to advertise - all free to members.


Spares Co Ordinator position is still vacant, therefore if you are looking for parts please contact us via the web site, or contact Bryan Stone or John Kempson. CONTACT US if you are looking for that part or info of who's got what, or if you want to get rid of any bits we maybe able to help you with people who buy spare's to stock them to sell on.


Guild T shirts, Polo shirts, Fleeces etc are available via Pinacle Ltd. See GUILD ONLINE CLOTHING STORE items can be purchased via their online shop. We still stock mugs, pens, key rings and window stickers so contact your area coĖordinator.