Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 79

Hello to all member's old and new. Here we are mid summer and the Guild members have been very busy this year once again attending many show's around the country and across the water in Germany, Holland and Ireland. Once again we are off to Zonhoven in Belgium in August, as we like to spread our Guild wings into Europe.

Many of you are trying out new show's that the Guild has not been to before with very pleasing results. We have 2 new area's started up representing CAMBRIDGE & LINCOLNSHIRE and (going further up the road) SOUTH YORKSHIRE,(FANTASTIC), which have attracted new member's from those area's.


As Facebook users may know CAMEL BOXALL now runs the page and a lot of the previous silliness has disappeared as he run's a tight ship. He is keeping it in line with the general flow of our hobby which is about GRANADA'S, across the world so we shouldn’t see any stupid comment's anymore.


RICHARD GARRETT & MARK SOUSTER have taken a tempary position to which (I thank them for)} stepping in to look after the Guild regalia and started brewing up new idea's for us, thanks boy's


Please keep sending your picture's & adds in to MARTIN ECOTT who run's the Website and he will be than happy to accommodate your needs.


CAMEL BOXALL is our agreed insurance value officer and he is recognised by most classic car insurer's. He is always up to date with the current price's and their true agreed value. Many of you have taken the opportunity to have your Granada valued by him and been pleasantly surprised by his valuation, so if you have not tried him out yet give him a call. His contact number can be found in the front page of the Mag.


RICHARD GARRETT is your man for your search or for-sale Granada parts. If you've got any enquiries give him a call and he may be able to put you in touch with someone matching your request. He can be contacted via the front page of the Mag.


Once again I will be looking for photos of six Mk1's & six Mk2's. So if you have not appeared yet then get in touch - its you turn.


JOHN KEMPSON is our Guild Mag Editor and he is looking for stories of your Granada for our YOUR CAR IS THE STAR section, you know you’ve got one so please send it in with some picture's. Also your show report's with picture's and any advertisement's you may have. You can advertise free of charge if you are a member.


Every Granada has a history and would be great to read it, it doesn’t have to be a million word's so please send something in with some piccy's its an interesting read and may encourage other's to do the same and keep's the mag buzzing. So please send them to JOHN KEMPSON our Mag Editor.

I will be looking forward to seeing you all at our AGM weekend 26 & 27 July at Wicksteed Park. I hope you can make it. The site is available from Thursday 24 July BRIAN CREED will be on site to get the ball rolling.

That’s it from me as we have a full Mag this time but keep your bits & pieces coming in - keeps us busy.

Take care and safe driving.

Bryan Stone.