Chairmans Chat - Magazine Issue 87

Hello to all member's old & new , we are now in the last section of the show season, and what a good time the Guild is having this year. The new shows we have been exploring have proven to be a breath of fresh air, and generated a good attendance from Guild member's all over the UK. This I hope will prompt you to start sending in your show report's with some picture's which does help to encourage other member's to write in or go out and attend shows. Read my AGM 2016 report here.

As I informed you in the last issue of the Mag that I was on the move to my new home in Lincolnshire. Well I am there now and my new contact details are here and in the front page of the Mag. There are a few change's to the committee. Brian Creed has decided to finally step down as a committee member to which he has been standing his post for many years now. There was a public announcement made at our AGM at WICKSTEED park back in July. The committee and I would like to thank you for a job well done and the commitment you have made to the Guild’s committee and the Guild’s success.

In his place Lincolnshire & Cambridge co-ordinator Paul Stannard has risen to the challenge of being a committee member. Also joining the rank's on the committee are Grahame Ribbans and Kieran Peapell. Details are here and in the front page of the Mag. This will make the committee larger and therefore hopefully bring fresh ideas to the table.

If I can take you back to our AGM I had to announce that this year could be our last AGM and ALL GRANADAS TOGETHER at Wicksteed Park because the management who own Wicky have decided to put up the price of camping & caravan pitch’s to the full price of £32.00 a night from January 2017. A bitter pill to swallow but we will try to see if we can sort something out with them I will keep you informed on that one. So the hunt may be on for a new place with the same sort of requirments that we need for a family weekend, preferably in the same area of the Northamptonshire.

The ALL GRANADA’S TOGETHER at Wicksteed park in September had a BIG attendance and was a great sight to see. Some say that a field full of old cars is a sight of old Britain. RUBBISH ! a field full of stunning Granada’s is great. Report and piccy’s will be in the next Mag.

Also at the AGM I did mention that the Mag still dosen’t get the input that it should, I know I keep banging on about it but is there a way that the Guild Facebook users could send to our mag editor John Kempson via email your pictures and short stories of your car. It makes an interesting read as many of the members don’t do the Facebook thing including myself. On the subject of Facebook, I have had reports and complaints that one or two Guild members who are also members of different or simular car clubs (which nobody has a problem with by the way ) keep posting up on the guild face-book pages of what you are doing with the other clubs. Please stop this as we will not put up with members constantly advertising other car clubs and what they are doing with them. NO GOOD TO US, I’m afraid. If you in an area where shows are a bit short just have a look in the Mag and you can see that many areas of the country have something going on during the summer season, in the UK and including EUROPE which Guild members attend on a regular basis. That’s my little rant over for this time, but keep up the excellent work that you do for the Guild and your fellow members.



MARTIN ECOTT runs our Website, he would like your pictures that you have taken at show's or of your own car so that he put them into our gallery section. For sale or wanted - just send your enquiry to him and he will do the rest for you.


As you may know we have a Facebook page that can be very interesting the amount of information that be found on there, if you want get onto it, get yourself accepted by CAMEL BOXALL or RICHARD GARRETT and the world is your oyster. As many of you know we’ve been on Facebook for 4 year's and has been very successful in bringing people together sharing pictures and experiences, and visitors at shows joining through face book the Guild. Many new friendships have been made reinforcing the Granada as a magnet to the general public and stirring many fond memories that we often hear on the show circuit.


CAMEL BOXALLCAMEL BOXALL is our agreed value insurance officer and is recognized by most classic car insurer's. He is up to date with the current price's and their true agreed value. Many of you have taken the opportunity to have your Granada valued by him and been pleasantly surprised by his valuation so if you have not tried him out yet give him a call. Please note: the valuation is only valid during the time you are a member of the Guild.


JOHN KEMPSON is the Mag editor and would like your articles, write ups on any show's you went to over the last year - with piccy’s please. And do not forget your car is the star feature. Every Granada has a story to tell so come on and tell us please & send some picture's as well, it make's a great read. If you have anything you want to advertise - all free to members.


RICHARD GARRETT is the your man if your looking for that part or info of who's got what, or if you want to get rid of any bits he maybe able to help you with people who buy spare's to stock them to sell on.


We are still going to stock mugs, pens and key rings but we have been in contact with clothing companies that are keen to supply our club with T shirts, Polo shirts and Fleeces. The deal is members will be able to contact the company and place orders. Payment will be direct to the company supplying the items. See GUILD ONLINE CLOTHING STORE items can be purchased via their online shop.

Thank you & take care

Your Chairman

Bryan stone